Hello, we are so glad you are here!


We would love to share with you more about Frontier Wellness & the faces behind it.

Go ahead, poke around! We can’t wait to meet you. 

Frontier Wellness is owned & operated by Kendra Brouwer who is on a mission to Pioneer a new frontier for yoga & wellness.


I created Frontier Wellness to be the place where

mind, body and soul meet.


Of course there is yoga, but what I offer & hope to create is so much more than a studio with amazing classes. I aim to fill a gap in some key areas I believe are missing in the yoga community.


These key areas are our core values:

-Whole Person Approach-





Yeah, I know those words sound trendy but I mean it.

as I prepare for a brick and mortar space I am crafting a plan to do things differently because the old way isn’t working for everyone and I believe that wellness IS for EVERYONE. 



Core Values

Whole PErson Approach